7 unexpected places to hang curtains in your new house

Hanging curtain for window and door is the common and usual thing. But, hanging curtain somewhere else is something fun and also luxurious also. The curtain is itself an item for aesthetic sense, but when it hangs in an unusual place, it is more than necessity. In the unusual places, it is not the thing to prevent light or something irritating.

Unexpected Places to Hang Curtains

The curtains in the unusual places, put in color, softness, movement and above all a subtle sense of privacy and enclosure. The unexpected places to hang curtains, are to be found out smartly so that they enhance the overall surrounding .

1. Shelf:
The shelves when left uncovered look odd. The clutters there look like an unwanted pets staring for help . It distracts our attention. It is a clever idea to push all the litters behind the curtain


2. Mirror:
It is a common saying that mirror reflection in bed is very bad the couple. So, people use a curtain to cover the mirror. After being covered the mirror look nice as well as enhance the place.

3. Divider:
As a divider the curtain works best. The family living in a single room need privacy to change or doing some private work. A curtain very nicely serves the purpose. It allows the family to enjoy their privacy. However, small space it may be, a curtain can solve many a problem

4. Dining room:
Today, most of the living spaces are found to be combined with drawing-cum-dining. If you are to entertain guests while your family is dining, you can easily stretch the curtain and allow your guest to dine.

unexpected places to hang curtains

5. Bathroom door:
Some of the well decorated flats hang curtains in the bathroom door. For the American culture, the bathroom is the place of beckoning retreat. They use to pamper themselves with hedonistic approach. Curtain serves the best way to do it.

6. Shower-bath
The elegant shower curtain update your bathroom. The curtains are mostly lightweight and easily washable. The curtain separates shower-bath. Some of us always prefer a softer look of the fabric of the curtain. With minimum expenses you will instantly show blast of personality.

7. Unfilled space:
Any unfilled spaces of the room left unattended. But at times, such as, at the family gathering the vibrant and stunning color of the room might look shabby just for the reasons that the vacant place wants to tell something to you.

make your house prettier

Picture credit to: www.mydomaine.com/creative-ways-to-use-curtains/slide5


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